Funding overview

As per our mission statement, APIRG provides working group, student and community members with funding for research and social engagement projects in the public interest. Read about our Direct Funding Policy here. 

In addition to funding, we provide administrative, informational and technological resources to help students transform social concern into effective action. We also facilitate opportunities for skill development through internships, educational events, workshops, public campaigns and partnerships with community organizations.


Applying for funding


The first step in the APIRG funding process is to determine which category of funding suits your project. Read more about each funding category here:



Past projects funded

Over the years APIRG has provided funding to hundreds of working groups and student-led initiatives, projects, and events. Click on the name of a project to read more about it!

APIRG Working Groups:

Edmonton Organic Grower’s Guild

Edmonton Organic Grower’s Guild (EOGG) is a communal garden located on land provided by the University of Alberta on its South Campus. Volunteers work year-round to plan, plant, nurture, harvest, donate, and enjoy vegetables straight from the garden.

Eureka Undergraduate Science Journal

Eureka Undergraduate Science Journal is a student-founded and student-run initiative. This journal offers undergraduate scientists the unique opportunity to share their discoveries with the scientific world through the peer review process.

RootUP Edmonton

RootUP is a group of students from Edmonton who believe culture is what connects us, even in a time when everything feels distant.


Projects and Events funded by APIRG:

All Spoons Project

In response to food insecurity in central Alberta amongst historically marginalized communities Ubuntu started the All Spoons Project to share skills and resources for participants to learn how to start and maintain a garden.

All Ya’ll Calendar Series

In 2021 Salem launched project the All Y’All Calendar, an astrology calendar for prairie queers and gender-bending BIPOC cowboys. “The ultimate spirit of this project is to foster a creative space where Black, Indigenous, and creatives of colour of all bodies can access experience on a photoshoot that celebrates decolonizing what it means to be a cowboy."

Centre for Autism Student Association Annual Conference

Centre for Autism Student Association Annual Conference is a virtual educational conference that will examine the unique challenges that individuals on the spectrum may face when transitioning to different stages of life, the supports that are already available, and what still needs to be addressed.

Creative Writing Club Anthology

The Creative Writing Club is a student group whose mission is to provide a social space for students interested in writing at the University of Alberta to network, learn, and practice their craft in a supportive environment.

Effect of Racism and Micro-aggressions on Mental and Physical Health Talk

The Black Pharmacy Students' Association (BPSA) aims to increase Black representation and engagement in the pharmacy profession, and provide a safe space for Black pharmacy students, empower them, and create a strong and extensive network.  Effect of Racism and Micro-aggressions on Mental and Physical Health: A focus on Black Healthcare Students and Professionals is a virtual talk by Dr. Nnorom who will be dissecting how anti-Black oppression presents itself within many health sciences programs, including pharmacy. 

Everyday Harm Reduction Online Zine

The Everyday Harm Reduction Online Zine is an online semi-instructional zine about what harm reduction is and how one can incorporate harm reduction principles. They aim to fight stigmas associated with the current and ongoing opioid crisis which disproportionately affects QTBIPOC+ folks, with different groups of people needing to cope with differential traumas inflicted by intersecting sources of oppression. is an all-local, independent radio station based in Edmonton and broadcasting online. We offer a platform for local musicians to promote their music, as well as being a hub for local culture.

How To Get A Thigh Gap

How To Get A Thigh Gap is a multimedia project by Nisha Patel (she/her) and Bree Meiklejohn (she/her) that will articulate systemic fatphobia through creatively rewriting the WikiHow Article “How to Get a Thigh Gap”.

Hungry Zine

Hungry is based out of Edmonton, and centres voices that are missing from traditional food media. It is a space for sharing stories, art and building community around food. We are a platform for writers, artists and creators who are inspired by food culture and stories in their art.

La Connexional Adult Swimming Program

La Connexional's Adult Swimming Program is an individualized and accessible swimming program designed to help adults learn how to be safe in the water and how to swim.

MSDAA BIPOC/Queer Speaker Series

The Minority Students of Design and Art Association (MSDAA) was created to support students including but not limited to those of different races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities. The MSDAA BIPOC/Queer Speaker Series is a reoccurring series of events that introduces University of Alberta students and the general public to BIPOC/Queer designers and artists at the local, provincial, national, and international level.

Oh You Fight Like A Girl

Anakbayan Alberta is a grassroots non-profit Filipino youth organization in Alberta. Oh You Fight Like A Girl is a Women’s Self Defense Workshop that took place in October of 2021. This workshop was taught in partnership by Anakybayan and instructors from Arashi-Do Martial Arts.

Pride Week 2022

Pride Week is a collective celebration of 2SLGBTQ+ individuals and communities at the University of Alberta. The planning and implementation of Pride Week is a collaborative effort by students, staff, faculty members, groups, units, organizations, and individuals across U of A campuses.

Students for Consent Culture Speaker Series

Students for Consent Culture Canada (SFCC) is an organization dedicated to supporting intersectional and grassroots anti-sexual violence advocacy and activism on campuses across Canada by serving as a hub of resources, tools, and institutional memory for students to engage with. SFCC is planning a Speaker Series of free, accessible, educational virtual talks centering issues of gender-based violence prevention and survivor support.

The Queer Agenda

The Queer Agenda is a recurring zine publication looking to give a platform to queer voices.

Understanding organizational responses in Edmonton to reports of hate crimes

Understanding organizational responses in Edmonton to reports of hate crimes and/or incidents from the perspective of those reporting is a study that aims to describe the experiences of people who have reported hate crimes and/or incidents.