Funding overview

As per our mission statement, APIRG provides working group, student and community members with funding for research and social engagement projects in the public interest. Read about our Direct Funding Policy here. 

In addition to funding, we provide administrative, informational and technological resources to help students transform social concern into effective action. We also facilitate opportunities for skill development through internships, educational events, workshops, public campaigns and partnerships with community organizations.


Applying for funding


The first step in the APIRG funding process is to determine which category of funding suits your project. Read more about each funding category here:



Past projects funded

Over the years APIRG has provided funding to hundreds of working groups and student-led initiatives, projects, and events. Click on the name of a project to read more about it!

APIRG Working Groups:

Black Lives Matter YEG

Black Lives Matter – Edmonton & Area is a coalition of Black Edmontonians & allies working for the validity of Black life and to (re)build the Black liberation movement. We are a chapter that is part of the Black Lives Matter movement started in the USA. 

Black Pharmacy Student’s Association

The Black Pharmacy Students' Association, was founded in October 2020 with the vision to increase Black representation and engagement in the pharmacy profession.

Blue University

Blue University is a group that brings together students and community members to provide a resource for individuals and student groups seeking to use water more responsibly, and to advocate for environmental justice.

Campus Sustainability Coalition

The Campus Sustainability Coalition aims to to transform the University of Alberta into a participating member of a sustainable society.

Canadian Council for Refugees Youth Network Edmonton

Canadian Council For Refugees (CCR)- Youth Network Edmonton is a group of community members and newcomer youth who are concerned about the systematic barriers that newcomers and refugees face.

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a grassroots network comprised of youth and students who are concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on individuals and communities.

Cardiovascular Health Advocates, Researchers, and Innovators of Tomorrow (CHARIOT)

CHARIOT is a cardiovascular health organization built on the principle of proactive philanthropy.

Centre for Autism Students’ Association

The Centre for Autism Students' Association strives to increase awareness and educate the student body and general public of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Centre for Community Organizing and Popular Education

The Centre for Community Organizing and Popular Education (CCOPE) is a coalition of academics, educators, activists and organizers interested in promoting positive social, political and economic change and building community in the face of global neoliberalism.

Chinese Diaspora Sharing Circles

Chinese Diaspora Sharing Circle is a monthly, open, inclusive dialogue for overseas Chinese people to safely share their opinions regarding cultural identity, social issues and their life in Canada.

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is a student group whose mission is to provide a social space for students interested in writing at the University of Alberta to network, learn, and practice their craft in a supportive environment.

Diversity in Engineering

Diversity in Engineering seeks equity in access to engineering programs and employment opportunities to supports students with different backgrounds and genders. 

Edmonton Climate Justice Coalition

The Edmonton Climate Justice Coalition seeks to provide a space for coalition building, skill sharing, and community building between groups around Edmonton involved in climate action related activities.

Edmonton Free School – An Autonomous Learning Collective

Edmonton Free School creates a time and a space in which to share knowledge, interests, and skills, for everyone and anyone both inside and outside of the university.

Edmonton Indigenous Poets Society

Edmonton Indigenous Poets Society is a collective of Indigenous poets sharing our truths, making our voices heard, and coming together to build community strength.

Edmonton Mood Disorder Society

Edmonton Mood Disorder Society is a mental health peer support group for people with affective disorders such as bipolar disorder and depression.

Edmonton Muslim Basketball Association

The Edmonton Muslim Basketball Association (EMBA) is a non profit organization that will be running basketball leagues and tournaments for young girls in Edmonton.

Edmonton Natural Hair Show

The Edmonton Natural Hair Show (ENHS) inspires people of all ages to embrace their natural hair.

Edmonton Organic Grower’s Guild

Edmonton Organic Grower’s Guild (EOGG) is a communal garden located on land provided by the University of Alberta on its South Campus. Volunteers work year-round to plan, plant, nurture, harvest, donate, and enjoy vegetables straight from the garden.


Edmontunes is a student club for independent and underground music.

El – Tawhid

El-Tawhid in partnership with The Muslim Feminist Collective are striving to uphold the values of speaking truth to power, acting against injustice, and living in relationship to the land at the core of Islam.

Eritrean Ethiopian Students’ Association

The Eritrean and Ethiopian Students’ Association is established for the expressed goal of carrying out activities that create and strengthen the unity of Eritrean and Ethiopian students on campus and equally increase awareness about Eritrea and Ethiopia in the larger Edmonton community.

Eureka Undergraduate Science Journal

Eureka Undergraduate Science Journal is a student-founded and student-run initiative. This journal offers undergraduate scientists the unique opportunity to share their discoveries with the scientific world through the peer review process.

Food Not Bombs

Foot Not Bombs (FNB) is an organization dedicated to feeding our communities and pushing for a better society where homelessness and poverty are things of the past.

Friends of the Lubicon Alberta

Friends of the Lubicon Alberta (FOLA) is an advocacy group based out of the University of Alberta.  We exist to promote awareness of the plight of the Lubicon and demand compensation for the destruction of Lubicon land and the recognition of the Lubicon’s right to self-government.

Future Creators

Future Creators is a technology mentorship initiative that works with students from grades 7-12 to create their own technology projects with arduinos, 3D printing technologies and coding applications.

Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom

Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom (FLIF) is a University of Alberta student group that has actively opposed censorship and advocated for freedom of expression since 2004.

Greenpeace on Campus

Greenpeace on Campus aims to give students information that would help them become more aware of current events and issues facing Albertans that are prohibiting us from ensuring a sustainable future.

I See Sprouts

I See Sprouts is a non-profit program aimed at teaching inner-city and newcomer families about community based food security and sustainability.

In Arms Queer Theatre

In Arms is the first queer mandated theatre company in Edmonton. In Arms hopes to serve the broader Edmonton community by nurturing the Edmonton Theatre community with yearly original devised plays as well as professional productions.

Indigenous Medical and Dental Students’ Association

The Indigenous Medical and Dental Students’ Association is a group consisting of Indigenous students in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta.

Islamic Relief at the University of Alberta

Islamic Relief at the University of Alberta is an apolitical/non-partisan student group here at the University of Alberta (as of 2013), dedicated to promoting Islamic Relief Canada’s work of responding to people in need, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.

Land Based Research Group

The Land Based Research Group is focused on amplifying Indigenous ways of knowing and being by creating art that represents experiences of Indigenous people in Edmonton on the topic of connecting with the land. They are currently working on an art exhibition for Edmonton communities.

Migrante Alberta

Through the RWAC (Rights and Welfare Action Committee), Migrante receives complaints, issues of migrants and immigrant Filipinos in Alberta and provide various assistances from filling up forms, filing complaints and helping migrants in distress.

Native Studies Course Requirement Group

The NSCR Group is a student led initiative advocating for the implementation of a Native Studies course requirement for all students in undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs at the University of Alberta.

Other Past Working Groups

The Active Citizens Television Collective (ACTV) Amnesty UofA Consent ED Democracy at Work Network (DAWN) Edmonton Film Collective Immigrant and Refugee Initiative (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, U of A) Journalists For Human Rights (JHR) Kulture Hubs Members of Legal Activist Collective Peace Ambassadors Iran’s Democratic Movement-Edmonton (SIDME) Students International Health Association (SIHA) Spark Ed SWAG The Shift Members of The Transit Riders’ Union of Edmonton

Prairie Sage Protectors

Diaspora, Black & Indigenous peoples organizing towards a Liberated, Anti Colonial world.

Queer Scouts

Queer Scouts is a prairie-based leadership program for queer and trans youth between the ages of 14 and 24. With a focus on solidarity and intergenerational mentorship, we empower young LGBTQ2S+ leaders with the skills to organize for social justice in their communities.

RootUP Edmonton

RootUP is a group of students from Edmonton who believe culture is what connects us, even in a time when everything feels distant.

Sapling Poet Tree

To provide a space for the performance of spoken word poetry and meeting and mingling of poets’ diverse voices.

Self-Advocacy Federation

The Self-Advocacy Federation is an organization comprised of people with disabilities and their allies who get together to discuss the issues facing people with disabilities. We are the leaders of today and tomorrow. We are proud to be who we are. We are an organization that helps people understand their rights and show them how to stand up for themselves.

Sexual Violence Advocacy and Accountability Network

The Sexual Violence Advocacy and Accountability Network (SVAAN) commits to ending sexual violence in the hospitality and arts industries and the shared communities of our membership through survivor-centered restorative justice.

Shades of Colour

Shades of Colour is a group of QTIBPOCs making spaces for other QTIBPOCs to fill the gaps within community that affirm our experiences and identity and move towards strengthening healthy multi-generational relationships that are needed and strive to provide ongoing support for individuals who are struggling with their experiences and identities, and facilitate open and honest discussions.

Somali Students’ Association

The Somali Students' Association (SSA) hopes to create a productive atmosphere in which Somali students at the University can come together and work towards social advancement within the broader Somali community.

South Sudanese Youth of Edmonton

The South Sudanese Youth of Edmonton (SSYEG) is a group that aims to connect and empower South Sudanese youth (SSY) across the Edmonton region.

Stand With Fort Chipewyan

Stand with Fort Chipewyan (SWFC) is a non-partisan, campus advocacy organization based out of the University of Alberta.

The FentaNIL Project

The FentaNIL Project aims to ameliorate the detrimental effects of the overdose crisis in Edmonton and the greater Alberta, including rural communities, by facilitating free naloxone training, distributing take-home naloxone kits, and educating community members on overdose prevention strategies and synthetic opioids.

The Hue

The Hue is your QTBIPOC+ Community Hub. Building community and advocating for QTBIPOC+ inclusion, accessibility, and safety in Edmonton. We host events and workshops, and maintain a community calendar of events by and for QTBIPOC in Edmonton!

The Olive Reading Series

The Olive Reading Series features poets from Edmonton and across the country, both brilliant up-and-coming poets and well-established masters.

U of A Council of Canadians’ Water Initiative

Canadian Council For Refugees (CCR)- Youth Network Edmonton is a group of community members and newcomer youth who are concerned about the systematic barriers that newcomers and refugees face.

University of Alberta Council of Canadians

The University of Alberta Council of Canadians is a student group, working group of APIRG and chapter of The Council of Canadians.

University of Alberta Women’s Centre Collective

The U of A Women’s Centre exists to provide a supportive environment for education, networking and organizing around women-specific issues within the campus community and beyond.

Voices for Choices

Voices for Choices is a non-hierarchical, collective group of individuals who are working to establish and promote a pro-choice, sex and queer-positive, as well as woman-friendly presence on and around the University of Alberta campus and the City of Edmonton.

YEG The Come Up

The Come Up has been working towards building and supporting a hub of African and Caribbean communities in Edmonton since 2013. Our collective comes together to create and strategize community-based solutions to issues and challenges relevant to our experiences.


Projects and Events funded by APIRG:

All Spoons Project

In response to food insecurity in central Alberta amongst historically marginalized communities Ubuntu started the All Spoons Project to share skills and resources for participants to learn how to start and maintain a garden.

All Ya’ll Calendar Series

In 2021 Salem launched project the All Y’All Calendar, an astrology calendar for prairie queers and gender-bending BIPOC cowboys. “The ultimate spirit of this project is to foster a creative space where Black, Indigenous, and creatives of colour of all bodies can access experience on a photoshoot that celebrates decolonizing what it means to be a cowboy."

Centre for Autism Student Association Annual Conference

Centre for Autism Student Association Annual Conference is a virtual educational conference that will examine the unique challenges that individuals on the spectrum may face when transitioning to different stages of life, the supports that are already available, and what still needs to be addressed.

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is a student group whose mission is to provide a social space for students interested in writing at the University of Alberta to network, learn, and practice their craft in a supportive environment.

Effect of Racism and Micro-aggressions on Mental and Physical Health Talk

The Black Pharmacy Students' Association (BPSA) aims to increase Black representation and engagement in the pharmacy profession, and provide a safe space for Black pharmacy students, empower them, and create a strong and extensive network.  Effect of Racism and Micro-aggressions on Mental and Physical Health: A focus on Black Healthcare Students and Professionals is a virtual talk by Dr. Nnorom who will be dissecting how anti-Black oppression presents itself within many health sciences programs, including pharmacy. 

Everyday Harm Reduction Online Zine

The Everyday Harm Reduction Online Zine is an online semi-instructional zine about what harm reduction is and how one can incorporate harm reduction principles. They aim to fight stigmas associated with the current and ongoing opioid crisis which disproportionately affects QTBIPOC+ folks, with different groups of people needing to cope with differential traumas inflicted by intersecting sources of oppression. 


The Heart and Stroke Foundation Students’ Association (HSFSA) aims to promote healthy living within the community. Fit4Youth is an event hosted by the HSFSA with a focus on providing children with fun and engaging opportunities to learn about heart-healthy practices, and how to maintain good health at an early age. is an all-local, independent radio station based in Edmonton and broadcasting online. We offer a platform for local musicians to promote their music, as well as being a hub for local culture.

How To Get A Thigh Gap

How To Get A Thigh Gap is a multimedia project by Nisha Patel (she/her) and Bree Meiklejohn (she/her) that will articulate systemic fatphobia through creatively rewriting the WikiHow Article “How to Get a Thigh Gap”.

Hungry Zine

Hungry is based out of Edmonton, and centres voices that are missing from traditional food media. It is a space for sharing stories, art and building community around food. We are a platform for writers, artists and creators who are inspired by food culture and stories in their art.

Keep Moving Podcast Series: Pekiwewin

The Keep Moving podcast series will tell the story of Pekiwewin, an Indigenous-led houseless encampment in Edmonton's river valley for 112 days in 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and housing and drug poisoning crises.

La Connexional Adult Swimming Program

La Connexional's Adult Swimming Program is an individualized and accessible swimming program designed to help adults learn how to be safe in the water and how to swim.

Mission SpaceWalker: Analogue Mission

Mission SpaceWalker is a group of women & underrepresented individuals collaborating on space exploration & technology development research! The Analogue Mission project aims to bring more tangible awareness to the local environmental impacts and changes in the Jasper area,

MSDAA BIPOC/Queer Speaker Series

The Minority Students of Design and Art Association (MSDAA) was created to support students including but not limited to those of different races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities. The MSDAA BIPOC/Queer Speaker Series is a reoccurring series of events that introduces University of Alberta students and the general public to BIPOC/Queer designers and artists at the local, provincial, national, and international level.

Oh You Fight Like A Girl

Anakbayan Alberta is a grassroots non-profit Filipino youth organization in Alberta. Oh You Fight Like A Girl is a Women’s Self Defense Workshop that took place in October of 2021. This workshop was taught in partnership by Anakybayan and instructors from Arashi-Do Martial Arts.

Pride Week 2022

Pride Week is a collective celebration of 2SLGBTQ+ individuals and communities at the University of Alberta. The planning and implementation of Pride Week is a collaborative effort by students, staff, faculty members, groups, units, organizations, and individuals across U of A campuses.

Research Project: The impact of accent on assessment of residents by physicians, nurses, and patients

The impact of accent on assessment of residents by physicians, nurses, and patients is a research project led by Debby Oladimeji, a medical student at the University of Alberta. The focus of this project is on enhancing medical training and working towards making a bias-free environment that is conducive to learning. This project will be carried out by students' work to aid their educational experience and ensure they are receiving the best quality of education they can receive.

Students for Consent Culture Speaker Series

Students for Consent Culture Canada (SFCC) is an organization dedicated to supporting intersectional and grassroots anti-sexual violence advocacy and activism on campuses across Canada by serving as a hub of resources, tools, and institutional memory for students to engage with. SFCC is planning a Speaker Series of free, accessible, educational virtual talks centering issues of gender-based violence prevention and survivor support.

The Landing Queer Prom

The Landing is a Students' Union service at the University of Alberta main campus that offers support for gender and sexual diversity.

The Queer Agenda

The Queer Agenda is a recurring zine publication looking to give a platform to queer voices.

Understanding organizational responses in Edmonton to reports of hate crimes

Understanding organizational responses in Edmonton to reports of hate crimes and/or incidents from the perspective of those reporting is a study that aims to describe the experiences of people who have reported hate crimes and/or incidents.

Voices of the Dead to the Living: A Multimedia Zine of Women in the Margins

Voices of the Dead to the Living aims is to create research ethically and manifest a public voice for women, trans, and non-binary writers that have fallen through the cracks of popular memory.