Current Working Groups

What are Working Groups?

Working Groups (WGs) are collectives of students and community members who work together on an issue. WGs may focus on research, events, actions, publications, and other diverse activities. They tend to have long-term goals with activities and membership that continue beyond the current academic year. WGs are required to hold regular meetings and must maintain a membership that includes U of A undergraduates.

Our Current Working Groups

Black Lives Matter

Working Group Since: Winter 2017

Black Lives Matter – Edmonton & Area is a coalition of Black Edmontonians & allies working for the validity of Black life. We are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement. We are a chapter that is part of the Black Lives Matter movement started in the USA. Our chapter is inclusive and we work hard to make sure everyone has a voice. Our executives were elected by members/the community, and all their decisions will be informed by community wishes. They handle the specific focus areas listed below, and the focus areas were also decided by group consensus at a town hall meeting.

Edmonton Muslim Basketball Association (EMBA)

Working Group Since: Winter 2016

The Edmonton Muslim Basketball Association (EMBA) is a non profit organization that will be running basketball leagues and tournaments for young girls in Edmonton.

What we do:

  • Provide females with a private environment and skill set to excel in the sport of basketball, with the aim of promoting growth in athletic ability.
  • Promote the practice of Islam through reminders and the organization of activities aimed at addressing the youth with regards to the pursuance of Islam as a complete way of life.   
  • Provide participants with an open and empowering atmosphere where they will be encouraged and supported to achieve their personal goals.
  • Organize and facilitate various opportunities for our participants to carry out charitable acts which will be of  benefit to the community.

Edmonton Organic Growers Guild (EOGG)

Working Group Since: Winter 2010

The Edmonton Organic Grower’s Guild (EOGG) loves to grow stuff together. We grow organic produce and encourage learning and eating. We charge no fees and welcome folks from all walks of life.


  • Cultivate food
  • Grow niche and culturally specific crops
  • Participate in an active lifestyle
  • Strengthen each other and our garden
  • Augment existing food sources
  • Reinvest in the community garden
  • Love the university farm.

Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom (FLIF)

Working Group Since: Winter 2011

We are a group of Library and Information Studies students who are interested in promoting intellectual freedom and social responsibility. We believe that issues concerning censorship, freedom of expression, and social justice go hand-in- hand, and hope that through information updates and direct action, we will be able to emphasize the importance of intellectual freedom and social responsibility in the personal and professional lives of our readers and our communities.

Native Studies Course Requirement

Working Group Since: Winter 2017

The NSCR Group is a student led initiative advocating for the implementation of a Native Studies course requirement for all students in undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs at the University of Alberta. We are concerned with not only making space for Indigenous ways of knowing and teaching in the academy, but centering Indigenous perspectives in the delivery of these courses. Not only are these courses important for the education of future settler or immigrant professionals who need to understand past and contemporary relations between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people, and the history of colonization and genocide that is the basis of Canadian history, these courses are important for Indigenous students; the university must work towards an education that is not functioning to assimilate Indigenous students like colonial institutions have done repeatedly in the past, and it is important that campus is a safe place to learn and teach and there are many students holding onto racist attitudes, stereotypes, and narratives that can impact their relations with Indigenous students, visiting lecturers, Elders, and faculty, that could be dispelled through education and relationship building.

Islamic Relief at the University of Alberta

Working Group since: Fall 2013

Founded in August 2013, we are an apolitical/non-partisan student group here at the University of Alberta (as of 2013), dedicated to promoting Islamic Relief Canada’s work of responding to people in need, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. Our purpose as a student presence, here on campus, is to inspire students to come together and make a difference in the lives of others, through campaigns and fundraisers. We promote respect for/of all. We support the human right to basic resources such as food, water, education, and much more. Through our efforts as students, we strongly promote the notion of restoring others sense of dignity and self-worth, since empowerment goes a very long way in uplifting others. We are registered with SGS (Student Group Services) and APIRG (Alberta Public Interest Research Group). We strongly promote inclusivity, so we are open to everyone, of any background and/or walk of life.

Overall, we are a Chapter of Islamic Relief Canada and therefore we represent their mandate. IR Canada (a Non-Governmental Organization) is  an international aid and development charity that strives to alleviate suffering, hunger, illiteracy, and diseases worldwide regardless of colour, race, religion, or creed, and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner 


  • As a student group, we promote and contribute to IR Canada, by planning and holding awareness and fundraising events such as Film Screenings/Movie Nights, Poetry Nights, BBQs, Bake Sales, Bottle Drives, Community Collaborations, Tabling at Venues like the Palestinian Bazaar and much more.
  • 100% of the profit goes towards helping those in need

Migrante Alberta Youth

Working Group since: Winter 2015

Through RWAC, we receive complaints, issues of migrants and immigrant Filipinos in Alberta. We provide various assistances from filling up forms, filing complaints and helping migrants in distress


We have an education module called “Paaralang Migrante” or migrant school. It includes Know Your Rights training, History of Filipino Migration, Step-by-Step Organizing, Leadership and Collective Building. Our members also have access to UFCW’s web based skill courses.


We bring public attention to the plight of migrants and precarious workers through different avenues with the aim of getting broad public support and pro-migrant public awareness that has a vision for change.


We continue to build relationships and broad network of advocates to promote strong support for all migrant workers. Our allies include labour unions, grassroots migrant organizations, women organizations and workers organizations. We also conduct dialogue and seek audience with concerned government agencies (both in Canada and in the Philippines) to discuss migrant policies and legislations.


Through our umbrella organization, we uphold harmonious cooperation among migrant association around the world. Migrante is an active member of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) as well as the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS)

Palestine Solidarity Network (PSN)

Working Group Since: Fall 2009

The Palestine Solidarity Network is a non-profit, grassroots collective aimed at advocating for and upholding the human rights of Palestinians in the face of ongoing oppression, occupation, racism, and discrimination, both in occupied Palestine and in the diaspora. We maintain groups at both the community level, the Palestine Solidarity Network – Edmonton, and on the University of Alberta campus, the Palestine Solidarity Network – U of A.

Sapling Poet Tree

Working Group since: Fall 2015

To provide a space for the performance of spoken word poetry and meeting and mingling of poets’ diverse voices.