Working Group Funding


Working Groups are independent collectives of U of A students and community members committed to supporting community well-being, social justice and the public good in an ongoing way. APIRG provides Working Groups with funding, mentorship and resources, while respecting the group’s autonomy.

For full details refer to the Working Group Agreement. As well, please review the services APIRG provides to find out what resources Working Groups have access to in carrying out their work.

In a nutshell, APIRG Working Groups:

  • Maintain a membership that includes U of A undergrad students and hold regular, accessible meetings and/or events,
  • Have long-term goals with activities and membership that continue beyond the current academic year,
  • Take advantage of many of the services that APIRG provides and help to promote our organization as well as the group’s goals and events,
  • Have regular communication with APIRG staff,
  • Submit year-end reports and maintain financial accountability to the group and to APIRG.

For more information about Working Groups, email our Outreach Coordinator at


Application Process

To apply for Working Group status:

1. Make sure you understand the Working Group model, as outlined in the documents linked above.

2. Read our Language and Anti-Oppression document to help you write a strong application.

3. Fill out the working group application form.

4. Attach a full budget for your event when prompted in the form.

5. We will notify you of our decision within 4-6 weeks of the funding deadline.

If you have questions about any part of the application process, please contact the Outreach Coordinator ( If any part of this process is inaccessible or difficult for you (reading, writing, budgeting, etc) we would be glad to help!


When should I apply?


We approve Working Group applications in two rounds; Fall and Winter. Since Working Groups carry out activities throughout the year, there is no ‘correct’ time to apply!

The Fall semester application deadline is October 2nd, 2023, and we notify applicants of our decision by November 15th.

The Winter semester application deadline is February 2nd, 2024, and we notify applicants of our decision by March 15th.

If you’re unsure when to apply, email and we’ll talk about it!