APIRG unequivocally supports the student-led Halt The Hike protests, and joins students across the campus community, Alberta, so-called Canada and the world in solidarity with one voice: It is time to end tuition fees once and for all!

High quality, universally accessible post-secondary learning is necessary for a healthy and free society, and is easily affordable in cooperation between levels of government. Education has become entirely unaffordable for the vast majority of students, which has and will cause lasting damage to the long term economic and social wellbeing of everyone: whether they have received a post-secondary education or not.

All of us students are being faced with an impossible choice when entering school: Accept many 10’s of thousands of dollars of crushing debt at unpayable interest rates for which we will never be able to repay, or accept insecure low wage jobs without any hope for housing or any economic security. It is not a choice we will accept making anymore. Free education, or we march!

APIRG will continue to support any and all student lead organizing to fight against tuition increases anywhere. This Friday, skip class and join student activists to protest outside the Board of Governors meeting (where they will vote on raising YOUR tuition AGAIN!)  at University Hall by Van Vliet Centre after 7:30 AM. (There will be a FREE pancake breakfast in SUB basement to fuel up before!)

Deets: https://haltthehike.carrd.co/

Bring a sign 🪧, a megaphone 📢, your kids/fam and be ready to YELL: NO MORE HIKES! EDUCATION IS A RIGHT!