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APIRG supports the UAlberta People’s University for Palestine

APIRG unequivocally supports and stands with Palestinians in the decades-long resistance to military occupation on their homelands. We demand an end to the egregious attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and the genocide of Palestinians by the apartheid state of Israel.

Israel and its imperialist allies have framed these attacks as being a legitimate and legal response by Israel to the strikes on Israeli settlements and military by Hamas on October 7th. These assaults by militias and Hamas on civilians have been condemned. After repelling these attacks, however, Israel and its allies immediately began an illegal process of collective punishment on the people of Palestine, using it as a pretense to accelerate their ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. This horrific assault contravenes international law and constitutes both war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This is a continuation of the process of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people which has included a blockade on Gaza, controlling the import and distribution of food, power, water, and all the necessities of life to Gazans. This has been described by Israeli authorities as ‘putting Palestinians on a diet.’ This process has also included the dispossession of Palestinian lands and territories, a process that has continued after the Nakba (1948).

At APIRG we maintain anti-oppressive practices and advocate for social justice issues. We exist to provide students and community members with tools and support to be active citizens in our communities. We stand with students, academics, professors, community organizers, and members of the UAlberta community speaking out against the apartheid state of Israel and taking action in support of Palestine.

APIRG joins voices (including Independent Jewish Voices) opposing the genocide of Palestinians in saying defiantly that this is not an issue of religion. Indeed, the many Jews, Christians, Muslims and people of all faith backgrounds who are Palestinian or Israeli have an equal and common human dignity. As an organization dedicated to anti-oppressive practices, we restate our opposition to Anti-Semitisim and Islamophobia in all forms. People around the world of all faiths and ethnic identities are joining together in the cry for justice to end the killing of Palestinians who have been murdered and subject to torturous living conditions by the Israeli state in the thousands.

The imperialist western powers, including the colonial state of so-called Canada, have made us all complicit in this genocide through tax-payer dollars by providing weapons and financial aid to the blockade on Gaza and assault enacted by the IDF (Israel Defence Force). Further, the University of Alberta is expanding our complicity by profiting off the blood of Palestinians through their repeated refusal to adopt the practices of the global BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement and by investing in, and sourcing products from the apartheid state. 

Further, the University of Alberta Students Union (UASU), supposedly the students’ representative body, has failed to call for a ceasefire or support the many Palestinian and Jewish students calling for peace and decolonization of internationally recognized Palestinian territory, thus establishing their complicity in this genocide.

On our campus which has adopted actions like Land Acknowledgements and the celebration and recognition of Truth and Reconciliation Day, we ask why not offer this same recognition of the impacts of colonialism in Palestine? The history of Palestine is shaped by European settlers arriving on land that is not their own, settling there, stealing homes, and displacing those Indigenous to the land. Sound familiar? 

As the University of Alberta proudly shares in their Land Acknowledgement statement:

“To acknowledge the traditional territory is to recognize its longer history, reaching beyond colonization and the establishment of European colonies, as well as its significance for the Indigenous peoples who lived and continue to live upon this territory, and whose practices and spiritualities were tied to the land and continue to develop in relationship to the land and its other inhabitants today.”

Ceasefire now. Stop the genocide. Lift the blockade. Land back. Free Palestine. 


Palestine Solidarity Resource List

Kindly be aware that this resource is dynamic, and we’ll continue to enhance it with relevant content. If you have a resource that has been instrumental in your education and advocacy for Palestine, we’d greatly appreciate your input. Send us your suggestions through our submission form

This resource list includes resources thoughtfully compiled by OPIRG Peterborough.

To Call on the Government

To Donate

To Continue Your Support


To Learn More

Free Access Resources

Read for Palestine

hoopla | streaming audiobooks, music, video & ebooks ( 

Hoopla is an incredible resource, if you have a library card (one card included) you can access everything here for free, which includes audiobooks and PDFs of some of the titles from our suggested reading list

Verso Books Free Resources and Further Reading

APIRG Book List

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle by Angela Davis

Orientalism by Edward Said

Palestine Speaks: Narratives of Life Under Occupation Edited by Mateo Hoke and Cate Malek

Stone Men: The Palestinians Who Built Israel by Andrew Ross

10 Myths About Israel by Ilan Pappe

Except for Palestine by Marc Lamont Hill


Palestine Will Be Free (11/01/2023)

Lihish’tah’weel: The Dystopia principle and the strategic basis for a just peace in Palestine (2007)


Palestinian Anarchists: Voices from the Front Line 

Inexorable Links by Zara from Interviews With Radical Palestinian Women

Tkhines For A Free Palestine

Kaddish For The Soul of Judaism: Genocide In Palestine

Three Perspectives on Zionism, Jewishness, Class, and Liberation

Jewish Currents Israel-Palestine Explainer


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Additional Reading Lists

Decolonize Palestine 

Decolonize Palestine, managed by Palestinians in Ramallah, provides a wealth of resources on Palestine’s history, myth-busting content, and a comprehensive reading list on their website.

Verso Books

Verso Books, the leading independent radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, releases around one hundred books annually. They’ve curated a reading list addressing the urgent push for Palestinian liberation. Additionally, Verso Books provides free digital resources accessible on their website.

Black Woman Radicals 

Black Women Radicals (BWR) stands as a Black feminist advocacy organization committed to amplifying and prioritizing the radical political activism of Black women and gender expansive individuals. Explore this reading list for a brief introduction to the radical Black feminist political agenda, with a particular focus on advocating for solidarity with Palestine.


The Daily: Voices from Gaza

Paradigm Shift : Palestine Liberation,Decolonization, Resistance Poems & Resources

How to Survive the End of the World : Ceasefire