Image of 3 copies of the 2020-2021 APIRG ALMANAC displayed across a concrete background. The books are light purple with black and white images.

The AP!RG ALMANAC is a day planner for all who care about community organizing, social justice & rad art in amiskwacîwâskahikan/edmonton. AP!RG is based at the University of Alberta, so we include extra information relevant to folks on campus. We hope you will use it to connect with community, organize your days, and inspire the work you do to make your communities more just & free!

We are now completely out of 2020-2021 editions! We printed 200 this year, and distributed them via home delivery, public pick-up points, and mail. We’ll be releasing a digital version of all creative content by January 2021 – check out this page & our social media for updates.


*we made a printing mistake! On page 5, under “Political Theory & Praxis Bookclub,” it should read:

A free, accessible bookclub which engages with important works of political theory in a supportive and collaborative learning environment.  Topics covered include critical pedagogy, economic theory, historical materialism, decolonial woks, queer and identity-based works and so much more! 


Credits for this edition:

The Almanac Creation Collective: Emily Weckend, Lizzie Barron, Nirti Mudliar, Sai Vemula, Dominik, Kenneth Milner, Meara Kirwin 

Artist sponsorship: The Gateway Student Journalism Society

Featured artists, writers and poets: Jill McNeil, Cops Off Campus Collective, Alan Ngo, Alisha Ebrahim, Caitlin Hart, Callum McKenzie, Deena Giri, Inoxne, Emily Jensen, Emily Weckend, Lisa Alyx Bui, Meghan Eaker, Munatsi Mavhima, BeeV, Suvi Sharma, Teanna Winsor-Carruthers, Yawa Elora Idi, Yemariam Abebayehu

Horoscopes: Caitlin Dick of Safe Space Astrology

Campus Partners: CJSR Radio, the Campus Food Bank, The Gateway Student Journalism Society

Distribution partners: The Nook Cafe, Intent Coffee, Filistix SUB


A spread of the almanac, showing a set of horoscopes for June 2021, and an illustration of two femme twins, captioned "Gemini"
A spread of the almanac, showing an essay entitled "Recognizing the Legitimacy of Indigenous Legal Orders outside of the Settler Colonial State" and a graphic that reads "no justice, no peace."
A spread of the almanac, showing a list of current APIRG Working Groups and info about two of them - Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Chinese Diaspora Sharing Circles
A spread of the almanac, showing a poem entitled "We Are Rising" on the left and an image of two people embracing, both BIPOC and wearing masks. The text overlaid says "Black Trans Lives Matter"