In-Kind Services

Just as APIRG offers funding to students and community members to help you realize your dreams, we also offer many in-kind services with the same goal in mind.

In-kind services are either applied for through one of our funding rounds (for example, your group might apply for a certain amount of money as well as free buttons and photocopies), or they are obtained by speaking to one of our staff members.

For more information on how to access these resources, please read about the Services APIRG Provides.

Below there is a list of what APIRG has to offer you and your group. For more information on accessing the following, please contact us at

  • a button maker (find our button-maker template here)
  • photocopying services
  • free or low-cost meeting space
  • on and off-campus networking opportunities
  • a resource library including books, magazines, zines and video
  • equipment rental:
    • digital video recorder (1)
    • digital camera (1)
    • tripod (1)
    • handheld digital audio recorder (1)
    • projector (1)
    • portable projector screen (1)
    • PA system (1)

      • 500W active speakers (2)
      • 10 channel mixer (1)
      • cables
      • microphones (4)
      • mic stands (2)
  • use of computers and specialty software (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Omniplan)
  • assistance recruiting volunteers and promoting events
  • staff support
  • phone line