Button Maker

APIRG has a button maker available for student or APIRG member use to make cool custom designs for events, art projects, groups or whatever you can imagine! We only charge for the cost of materials at $0.30 (30 cents) per button. We only accept payment via etransfer to office@apirg.org or in cash. There are ATMs available in HUB Mall if needed.

Our buttons are a standard 1-3/4 Inch size (44mm), and look really snazzy.

Step by step guide to making your very own custom buttons!

Step 1: Download our Button Template and create your own designs! (Right click the link and Save As) This is a powerpoint template that makes custom button making really accessible, but if you’d like to use another software, you can use any 44mm button template you can find online.

Step 2: Print the design on a colour printer (SUB Print is an accessible and affordable option for student printing on campus) If your buttons are black and white, you can print them in our office (9111 HUB Mall) for free during our normal office hours (11-3PM).

Step 3: Bring your printed design to our office either at a scheduled time, or stop by during our normal office hours (11AM-3PM week days) and get shown how to use our awesome button maker by one of our staff or volunteers. (It is super easy! But if you learn better watching video, you can check out this handy YouTube tutorial here.) If you’d like to schedule a time, please use our handy scheduler. If you do not schedule a time in advance, we cannot guarantee it will be available. Let staff/volunteers know how many buttons you made and send payment (30 cents per button) via etransfer to office@apirg.org or pay with cash.

Step 4: SHOW OFF YOUR RAD/SNAZZY BUTTONS!!! Tag us on Insta/tiktok/wherever if you’d like us to share your cool designs!