APIRG in collaboration with the first international anti-colonial, islamicate centric conference hosted at the University of Alberta – is excited the release the call for Undergraduate Research Posters!

For more information on the conference (April 24-25 2015) check out their website:

Details of the call are below:


Dear enthusiastic undergraduate students,


The organizing committee of “Unsettling Colonial Modernity: Islamicate Contexts in Focus” (UCM 2015), in collaboration with AP!RG, is accepting undergraduate posters for presentation at the conference!

UCM is an anti-colonial, anti-racism scholarly initiative that focuses on historical and contemporary issues in what may be referred to as “Islamicate Contexts”. Featuring keynote speakers: Sherene Razack and Parin Dossa, prominent race scholars in Canada.


Why Islamicate?

Marshal G.S. Hodgson, an Islamic studies scholar at the University of Chicago, in using the term “Islamicate” (instead of Islamic) for describing the cultural practices associated with Islam as a religion. In order to note the Euro-American character of the literature on Islamic studies, Hodgson proposes a shift of focus in this discourse. In doing so, he opens up new academic research directions for the study of cultural practices that are not strictly speaking religious, in regions with dominant muslim populations. A good example of such cultural practices is wine poetry in Iranian literature. He examines these kinds of cultural practices under the general rubric “Islamicate”.


“Unsettling Colonial Modernity: Islamicate Contexts in Focus” (UCM 2015)

UCM is the first international academic conference at the University of Alberta with this specific anti-colonial focus. For more information about the purposes of the project, please visit the UCM website at:

Undergraduate Poster Session:

Selected (individual or group) poster presenters will have the opportunity to present their academic, activist and/or ethnographic (personal) conceptions in an interdisciplinary international conference in Edmonton and get feedback on their works-in-progress from the broad range of its participants and audience.

The submitted poster abstracts will be selected on the basis of the clarity and the novelty of the ideas they present. Selected posters will be printed (free of charge) for presentation during the conference. The printed versions of posters will remain on the conference venue for the entire duration of the conference and will be yours to keep afterwards. *Please note: Organizers will provide support in creating the posters if needed.

Selected poster presenters will be given a couple of minutes to deliver the main idea of their posters in a half-an-hour “Digital Poster Presentation Session” at the beginning of the conference. The main idea of a “Digital Poster Presentation Session” is to create a lively and intellectually challenging environment for undergraduate students to relate their ideas to a sophisticated audience and to invite discussions of their ideas during the conference. The organizing committee of the conference will assign the posters to the 10 panels of the conference, and will invite poster presenters to join the discussions of the panels relevant to their work.

Please send posters abstracts of 150-200 words, along with a short bio of the author(s) to or by April 18th 2015. Decisions regarding selected posters will be made by April 21st.


For more information please see the UCM 2015 website:

Conference Program: