On March 9th, APIRG received a majority of votes in our plebiscite campaign to maintain our funding structure. We are so proud of the efforts of our campaign manager, APIRG’s Board of Directors and staff, and APIRG’s Accomplice volunteer program participants. We are very thankful to have the support of our campus, and are looking forward to continuing to improve and provide our outstanding and unique services and programming.

We have been reflecting on the criticisms received during the campaign, and have resolved to make the following commitments.


APIRG commits the following to address criticisms regarding the advertisement of opt-out:

  1. To advertise the dedicated opt out period on all SUTV screens in September and January
  2. To increase the volume of students reached by class talks from 5000 semester to 8000 per semester in Fall and Winter terms for a total of 16,000 students reached during each academic year. The Outreach Coordinator will ensure that a diversity of faculties and class sizes are reached so that as many diverse students as possible will be reached by these class talks.
  3. To poster with 150 posters around campus in the final two weeks of August, and the first two weeks of December during Winter Term exams prior to respective opt out periods.

APIRG commits to the following regarding visibility:

  1. APIRG will reinstate the DISORGANIZER, our back-to-school alternative Week of Welcome programming for students with educational workshops, trainings, and celebratory welcoming activities
  2. To continue to offer free comprehensive training to on campus groups in anti-oppression, consensus-based decision making, conflict transformation, or other trainings within the purview of our staff skill-set

APIRG commits to the following to address criticisms of equipment rentals:

  1. Deposits assessed at fair market value or $500, whichever is less.
  2. In the event that a student or group does not have access to cheques or cash, alternative arrangements may be possible at Board and staff discretion and will be subject to staff availability and/or prior positive engagement with APIRG and a history of careful handling of our equipment.