Join the Alberta Public Interest Research Group (APIRG), the Gender Based Violence Prevention Project (GBVPP) and the Greater Edmonton Library Association (GELA) on a guided tour of the Edmonton Institution for Women. 


Spots are limited, registration is required.

 Note: All participants must submit a security clearance to register for the tour. Forms can be reached by emailing Saima at or calling



Tour: Tuesday Feb 25 at 9am-11am

Deadline to register: Feb 4th at 4pm

Forms in to


Tour: Wednesday Mar 12 at 9am-11am

Deadline to register: Feb 21st at 4pm

Forms in to


*All tour participants must attend the tour debrief on one of the following days:

March 25 at 5pm

March 26 at 7pm

Please register at


This event is organized in partnership with GELA ( and the GBVPP (