Campus Resources

This page is mean to be a quick and easy to access resource for students looking for other resources (besides APIRG!) on campus. We are in the process of updating this list with additional resources.


U of A Black Students Resource Portal: A collection of links updated by the university for Black Student Supports. Link Here

Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights: If you are facing racism, discrimination, harrasment or other wrongdoing, you can recieve advice and support from the OSDHR. Link here

General Supports: 

Peer Support Centre: A free active listening and non-judgemental counciling space largely run by volunteers. This UASU affiliated resource provides students who need to vent or recieve support. Link here

Student Ombuds: The U of A student ombuds office is an impartial place where students can go to recieve support in a case of mistreatment at the hands of another student, faculty or staff member. They are an impartial third party that may be able to help with spurrious academic misconduct accusations, harassment, financial/fee errors or other concerns. Link here

Campus Food Bank: WE LOVE OUR CAMPUS FOOD BANK! The CFB provides tons of incredible resources related to food security on campus, including food hampers, free snacks, education resources and so much more. Link here

LGBTQ+ Resources:

The Landing: The landing is a student lead and irganized non-profit resource on campus meant to advocate for and provide services to the University’s LGBTQ+ students, staff and community members. Link here

Fyrefly (formerly ISMSS): The Fyrefly Institute provides programs and services to support the 2SLGBTQ+ community and its allies. This includes working with community groups like Boyle Street Community Services, Nekem: To Change Something, and the Pride Centre of Edmonton to provide direct services, including crisis intervention, mental health supports, and 2SLGBTQ+ education. Link here

AB GSA Network, organized By Fyrefly: Fyrefly also offers a AB GSA conference and network designed to help queer and ally organizing accross Alberta. Link here