Both bookclubs are currently on pause! If you have questions, or want to inquire about next books, email for EVOKE, and for Political Theory and Praxis. 

EVOKE Bookclub

EVOKE is a bookclub for all who want to read collectively. We strive to make the bookclub experience accessible. That means reading many different types of literature written by folks from many different positionalities. A focus on black and Indigenous writing is key for our book club. We are here to promote social justice on the literary front and welcome input and suggestions on how best to do that. Our next book and meeting dates are undetermined, email Shima at with any inquiries!

APIRG Political Theory and Praxis Bookclub

The APIRG Political Theory and Praxis Bookclub reads one important political theory book each month in a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Each month we read three equal length sections of an important political theory book, alternating between classic and contemporary works. Topics covered include critical pedagogy, economic theory, historical materialism, decolonial works, queer and identity-based works and so much more!

This program aims to make inaccessible vital texts more accessible offering a communal reading format to answer questions together, and to provide resources to support individual and group learning. Most importantly, we hope to inspire each other to learn and grow in our political education. The course is cooperatively run by the group, with logistical and material development support from Tristan Turner, APIRGs Office Coordinator and a graduate of the BA Political Science program at the University of Alberta.

Our next book and meeting dates are undetermined, email Tristan at with any inquiries!