APIRG’s programming focus for 2016/17 is centering criminalized folks in our community. Our Programming Coordinator Jasmine Mohamed will be working with celebrated poet and writer Brandon Wint to facilitate a closed space for IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour) folks who are interested in sharing their experiences of criminalization and oppression in a project called  Transforming the Narrative.


Transforming The Narrative recognizes that through sharing our stories, we disrupt the dominant narratives about the experiences of IBPOCs as they relate to criminalization, racialization, and oppression. This writing workshop will be an opportunity to tell raw stories in a safe(r) space, and retain ownership over our narratives. Writing our experiences is an act of creative rebellion against the oppressive status quo. We hope to foster relationships and friendships between people with common understandings and experiences. We will be exploring the following questions:


  • What does it look & feel like to be criminalized[1] as IBPOC[2] people?
  • What does it look & feel like to be criminalized for someone who identifies as a LGBTQ2+[3] person?
  • Where did your experience of criminalization start?
  • How do the intersections of your identity (example: race/class/gender/sexuality/ability) affect how you are treated in everyday interactions?
  • What are your experiences with xenophobia[4] or islamophobia[5]?



[1]            Criminalize: The process by which people and their behaviours are turned into criminal by making their actions illegal.
[2]            IBPOC: Indigenous, Black, People of Colour
[3]            LGBTQ2S+: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Two-spirited
[4]            Xenophobia: Dislike or hatred of people from different countries and cultures
[5]            Islamophobia: Dislike or hatred against Islam or Muslims


No writing experience is necessary as Brandon will support us in the writing process. Participants will meet twice a month for three months, from November 2016 until January 2017. With your permission, your work will be shared in a self-published zine through APIRG.  A small honorarium will be given to show our appreciation for your contribution to our zine. Space for this workshop is limited (8 – 10 participants), so please apply today!


Applications are closed for this program and classes commence soon.


Food and bus tickets will be provided to participants.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jasmine (