Volunteering with APIRG


Interested in getting more involved on your campus and in your community? APIRG has many different volunteer opportunities for students and community members! Our volunteer positions are designed to allow volunteers to develop skills, build relationships, and participate as much or as little as they like. 


All volunteers receive orientation including anti-oppression training. Volunteers will receive ongoing support and encouragement from APIRG staff. 

Why volunteer with APIRG? 

– Have access to trainings and workshops such as anti-oppression training, consensus decision-making, accessible event planning, outreach and media training, etc. 

– Work with a diverse group of students and community members interested in social and environmental justice in a welcoming and non-judgemental environment

– Have a voice in APIRG programming, policy and practices, and work on projects your care about! 

– Develop your skills and experience as a community organizer

– Get job and volunteer references from APIRG staff after 10 hours of volunteering

– Free APIRG swag

– Bi-annual volunteer appreciation parties!


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Volunteer Positions: 

Street Team

Purpose: To actively promote our events, on campus, and to the wider Edmonton community. Getting the word out through posters, flyers, classroom talks, tabling, as well as through the campus media and the internet.

Location: Various

Key Responsibilities:

  • Engaging in in-person conversations with members and potential members
  • Hand-to-hand distribution of APIRG materials (flyers, zines, buttons)
  • Assisting APIRG staff with outreach on major campaigns and events.
  • Bi-Weekly team meetings with APIRG staff & other volunteers.
  • Support at our Mondays Suck outreach event (APIRG office)

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week

Qualifications: Must be very outgoing with a willingness to talk to people and represent APIRG in a positive, enthusiastic manner. Creative, quick-thinker, with leadership skills and positive outlook.


Resource Centre and Library Volunteer

Purpose: To help keep our alternative resource library organized and inviting.

Location: APIRG office

Key Responsibilities:

  • Help us catalogue and re-shelve books
  • Make decisions about new purchases
  • Organize library-related events
  • Solicit suggestions and donations

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week

Qualifications: Must be prepared to work independently, time management, willingness to work as a team.


Event Planning Committee Member

Purpose: To plan APIRG events such as workshops, speakers, parties and tours that are accessible, safe and fun!

Location: APIRG office

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate event logistics via email with external groups
  • Make organizing decisions by consensus with committee members
  • Assist with the set up, hosting and take-down of events

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week, short or long term

Qualifications: Must be prepared to work independently, willingness to work as a team.

Event Day Volunteer

Purpose: Event day volunteers are responsible for helping set up for and staff APIRG events, campaigns and outreach booths.

Location: Various (on campus and in the community)

Key Responsibilities

  • Helping APIRG staff set up, host and take down events both on campus and in the community.
  • Staffing APIRG outreach booths on campus and at community events.

Time commitment: 1-3 days per month.

Qualifications: Must be outgoing with a willingness to talk to people and represent APIRG in a positive and enthusiastic manner.


Childcare Volunteer

Purpose: To provide short term, supported childcare for attendees of APIRG or APIRG-sponsored events. Childcare is offered on-site, in designated rooms with ample resources and support. 

Location: various, on and off campus

Key Responsibilities:

  • Care for children’s wellbeing and safety
  • Play with and read to children
  • Maintain an anti-oppressive space for all children
  • Potentially communicate with parents before and during events

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per month (mostly weekends and evenings)

Qualifications: Must have some professional or casual childcare experience, and be comfortable taking responsibility within a team.

Graphic Design and Meme Team Member

Purpose: To create sweet graphics (and memes) to engage students and the public in APIRG activities, and social and environmental justice issues

Location: remote, meetings at APIRG office

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create posters, flyers and graphics as needed for APIRG events and campaigns
  • Provide APIRG working groups with the same
  • Make memes and other visuals for APIRG social media accounts
  • Work with Canva, InDesign and other graphic design software

Time Commitment: very flexible, 1-4 hours per month

Qualifications: Strong independent work ethic and reliability, some graphic design and visual content creation experience is a plus!


Office Coordination and Archive Volunteer

Purpose: Volunteers are responsible for helping out the APIRG staff in the office doing filing, organizing, stacking, answering questions, helping visitors find materials they may need, etc.

Location: APIRG Office

Key Responsibilities:

  • Supporting APIRG staff and office function to its best ability.
  • Help organize the office to ensure it is organized, easy to navigate, and high functioning.
  • Assisting in the organization of historical and current APIRG materials for easy reference
  • Recognizing and requesting missing materials from the office that would be useful or are required.

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week.

Qualifications: Must be prepared to work independently, time management, willingness to work as a team