Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, February 5, 2020.




Read on for information for applicants:


APIRG 2020 Board of Directors Recruitment Timeline

Wednesday, January 22 : Applications open at 2 pm.

Wednesday, February 5 : Applications close at 10 pm. 

Friday, February 7 : Applicants are invited to group interviews. 

Monday, February 10 : 1-2 pm; group interviews

Tues, February 11 : 6-7 pm; alternate group interviews

Friday, February 14 : Successful applicants are notified of their acceptance!

Friday, February 29 – Sunday, March 1  : Winter Board retreat!


What is APIRG? 

APIRG stands for Alberta Public Interest Research Group – it is a student-run, student funded non-profit organization based out of the University of Alberta. APIRG is dedicated to research, education, advocacy and action aimed at various topics of public interest including anti-racism, feminism and climate justice. 

APIRG funds events, projects and research related to anti-oppression and social justice, facilitates programming and workshops as well as supports working groups committed to topics of public interest. We also partner with various community organizations to deliver shared programming to students and community members. We also maintain a free community library, located in our office in HUB Mall. Check out the rest of our website for more information on our programs and services.

The Board of Directors oversees the operations of the organization while hired staff and volunteers ensure the smooth daily functioning of the organization and support the realization of the decisions of the Board. The primary role of the members of the Board and the staff and volunteers is to support the interests of the students they represent and to facilitate decisions to cause social change and make a positive impact on the University community. 

Basis of unity 

We believe the way to create positive social change is to provide individuals with the information and tools they need to become active citizens and to participate effectively in their communities. 

Statement of Values 

APIRG considers an equitable environment to be a part of positive social change. We acknowledge that social change is achievable and see social awareness as a valuable facet of the public interest. We see anti-oppression as a process that acknowledges the existence of systemic oppression (including, but not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, and ableism). Through practices and policies, we seek to actively identify, challenge and address oppression wherever it exists, in all its various forms, and to actively encourage opportunities for social awareness and change. Further, we recognize and respect that systems of oppression interact in different ways and affect each person differently. 

How is APIRG funded? 

In March 2001, a majority voted in campus-wide undergraduate referendum to establish a Public Interest Research Group at the University of Alberta. Currently, full-time undergraduate students contribute $3.54 per semester and part-time undergraduate students contribute $1.77 per semester to APIRG as a fee integrated into tuition fees. All students are able to opt-out of this fee for a full refund. In addition to funding collected from student members, APIRG allows community members to op-in to the organization if they so wish, with a sliding-scale fee ranging from $5-15. 

How is APIRG held accountable? 

APIRG is a democratic organization that is accountable to the people who fund it – undergraduate students at the University of Alberta. APIRG keeps audited financial records and produces an annual report to ensure accountability. All Board meetings and general meetings are open to the public, and anyone is permitted to apply to be on our Board of Directors.

Working Groups 

Working Groups (WGs) are collectives of students and community members working together on public interest issues affecting the University and greater Edmonton community. WGs tend to have both long- and short-term goals and focus on a diversity of projects, including research, events, actions and publications. WGs are required to hold regular meetings and must maintain a membership the includes University of Alberta undergraduate students. Find more information about our current working groups under the Working Groups tab of this website.

APIRG’s Board of Directors 

In accordance with bylaw, the APIRG Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing all of APIRG’s operations. Board members’ primary role is to act as a decision maker. Large decisions are made at month Board meetings. Additionally, Board members form committees to work on various governance tasks and build skills in their areas of interest. 

Regular Board member duties include setting annual priorities, reviewing funding applications, developing and maintaining policy and programming and hiring staff.

Board members are required to commit to regularly attending monthly meetings, relevant committee meetings, APIRG events and the three annual board retreats (Fall, Winter and Board Transition). Board members can commit anywhere from 2 to 8* hours per month to their duties, depending on their involvement in board committees. 

Anyone can become a Board member! Students and non-students, folks with plenty of organizing experience, and folks with none. There is no age restriction, though we prioritize youth on our board.

*not including the three annual weekend retreats!

If you have questions about joining the Board, please contact Meara (Outreach Coordinator):