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TitleThe Workshop Book: From Individual Creativity to Group Action (ICA series)AuthorR. Brian StanfieldPublishedNew Society Publishers 2002
Status:Check Shelves ISBN0865714703Call NumberLC 6519 S72 2002Description
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Increasingly, people working in teams face complex issues that need resolving in an efficient, participatory manner that honors the group’s diverse perspectives and individual creativity. The Workshop Book outlines the best practices of the workshop method, based on the Institute for Cultural Affair’s Technology of Participation,™ and its use in consensus formation, planning, problem solving, and research. It also discusses workshop preparation and design, leadership styles, dealing with difficult behaviors, and special applications such as its use in large groups and for planning purposes.

R. Brian Stanfield is the Director of Publications at the Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs and author of the companion volume, The Art of Focused Conversation, and The Courage to Lead (New Society Publishers).