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TitleAIDS, Drugs, and ProstitutionAuthorMartin PlantPublishedRoutledge -0001
Status:Check Shelves EditionNew editionISBN0415041090Call NumberRA 644 A25 A358 1990Description
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"AIDS, Drugs, and Prostitution" is a collection of studies from four continents. These describe the AIDS-related behaviour of sex workers, together with international evidence of the connection between HIV infection and commercial sex. The link between intravenous drug use and the spread of HIV infection is well known. However, detailed survey material indicates the importance of the disinhibiting effects of alcohol and illicit drugs in relation to unsafe sexual practices. The results of research projects in Europe, the United States, Africa, and Australia are presented and discussed, together with strategies to restrict the further spread of the global AIDS epidemic. This collection should be of serious concern to anyone involved in the provision of health or social services, to health educators, policy-makers, students, community workers, and researchers.