Event/Project Funding


This category provides one-time funding and support to help groups and individual students to:

  • Organize a speaker or speakers series with specific start and end dates
  • Organize an event or series of events with specific start and end dates
  • Undertake a project with specific start and end dates (e.g. publish a research project).
  • Attend a conference or training if part of a larger project.


First, download these files. (You can right-click the links and choose “Save Links as” to download them directly to your computer).


Download and submit an Event/Project application. Funding deadlines typically fall on the last Fridays of September and January.

Utilize the supporting documents to help you fill out the application. If you have questions email outreach@apirg.org

Review process

The Funding Committee, referring to the General Assessment Guidelines, assesses the feasibility and suitability of the proposal. The committee may contact the applicant(s) for clarification on key points during the review period.

The funding committee brings their recommendations to the APIRG Board of Directors, which then approves or rejects the committee’s recommendations.

If the proposal is approved, the group will be asked to sign an Event, Project and Training Agreement. The Outreach Coordinator will contact the applicants and set up an appropriate time to sign this document.

If the proposal is rejected, you may download and submit this appeal to the board. The APIRG board will review the appeal application in a timely fashion. The Outreach Coordinator will then contact the applicant(s) regarding the board’s final decision.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the entire application, review and approval process.

Remember, you can find all of APIRG’s forms and policies in the important documents menu.

For more information or for clarification of our policies and forms contact the Outreach Coordinator at outreach@apirg.org.