Apply to Volunteer

Please follow the link to our APIRG Accomplices Volunteer Application!

An APIRG staff member will be in contact with you shortly regarding your application. If you haven’t heard from us in a while, feel free to reach out via email to:


The Accomplices Program Has Two Schedules of Volunteer Intake:

  1. Rolling intake throughout the year
    1. Office Volunteers
    2. Independent Project Volunteers
  2. Structured Intake
    1. Committee Volunteers
      1. Outreach, Education and Library: Fall and Winter semester
      2. Evaluation: Spring semester

Structured Intakes (3 per year):

  • Fall (Outreach, Library, Education)
    • Deadline for applications: September 30
    • Orientation: Mid October
    • Evaluation: December
  • Winter (Outreach, Library, Education)
    • Deadline for applications: January 31
    • Orientation: Mid February
    • Evaluation: April
  • Spring (Evaluation )
    • Deadline for applications: April 30
    • Orientation: Mid May
    • Evaluation: late July, early August

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