APIRG Accomplices Program

APIRG Accomplices Volunteer Program Mission

APIRG Accomplices supports students and community members becoming directly involved in the operations of APIRG. It exists to build organizational capacity while simultaneously fostering opportunities for individuals to gain the knowledge and skills to be active participants in positive social change.


APIRG Accomplices Volunteer Program Goals

  1. To give students and community members meaningful and rewarding ways to get involved with APIRG
  2. To increase the capacity available to the organization to do more valuable work on campus while increasing our resilience and sustainability
  3. To increase APIRG’s visibility on campus as well as the student body’s understanding of whom we are and what we do.
  4. To support the functioning of our Board of Directors by allowing students to gain a working knowledge of the organization before joining our board. The goal is to increase ease of recruitment for the board in addition to helping students make an informed decision about becoming a board membe


Guiding Principles for APIRG Accomplices:

  1. Accessibility: Our goal is for volunteer opportunities to be as accessible as possible. Our program will prioritize reducing the barriers for individuals to volunteer by:
    1. Offering a variety of volunteer positions requiring a variety of time commitments
    2. Offering a variety of volunteer tasks that require a diversity of cognitive and physical abilities
    3. Continuously working to increase the accessibility of our office, resources and technology
  2. Reciprocity: Our goal is to foster reciprocity throughout our volunteer program, from gained capacity to knowledge to beneficial outcomes. To do so we will prioritize:
    1. Clear and open lines of communication for volunteers and staff to be able to support consistent communication and feedback
    2. Ongoing opportunities for volunteers to build new skills and knowledge through one-on-one support, resource sharing and workshops/facilitated spaces
    3. Volunteer appreciation in the form of verbal and written recognition, volunteer appreciation events, and reference letters.
  3. Fostering Structural Understanding: Our goal is to support volunteers to understand and connect with our organizational value of intersectional anti-oppression in meaningful ways that foster changes in thought and action. We will support this expansion of knowledge by:
    1. Creating opportunities for volunteers to attend anti-oppression trainings with our organization
    2. Fostering spaces for volunteers to connect with each other and share their experiences and knowledge
    3. Connecting volunteers with a wide variety of resources that meet the needs of a variety of types of learners and knowledge levels

Please visit the Volunteer Positions page to find out more about the different roles we have available at APIRG!

To start the process of becoming and APIRG Accomplice follow the link to Apply to Volunteer!

APIRG Accomplices volunteer map

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