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All University of Alberta Students’ Union members who have not opted-out of APIRG’s dedicated fee are members of APIRG. Membership allows students access to APIRG’s funding , our resource library, and the ability to request the use of any one of the many APIRG services.

Community Memberships

We allow students to opt out of our services but did you know we also allow non-undergrads to opt in. If you wish to use our services and support us, we have an annual community membership for you!

Individual memberships will be set on a sliding scale. Suggested fee: $5 – 15. Organizational memberships will be set at a suggested price of $25.00+

No individual or organization will be denied APIRG membership on the grounds of lack of funds.

Students who opt out for financial need, but wish to be an APIRG member, may contact APIRG for a community membership

Becoming a member gets you the following:

  • Full access to the APIRG resource library.
  • Eligibility to run for vacant Board of Director positions in a by-election, if applicable.
  • Invitation to our Annual General Meeting.
  • Eligibility for funding and in-kind support through our Direct Granting Funding Round.
  • Equipment rental access
  • Room booking access as subject to the APIRG and University of Alberta room booking procedures.
  • Access to APIRG office space, including kitchen space
  • Access to APIRG computers and software, on special request
  • Access to APIRG photocopier, on special request

Note: Successful funding applicants must complete the APIRG membership form and accept APIRG membership responsibilities before the funding resources are transferred.

Community Membership Application Form

To become a member or renew a membership:

  • fill out a form and email it to us and mail in your cheque!
  • come into the office, pay the fee and complete the form in person


Have questions, contact us here


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